Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NYFW 2014

New York City Fashion week officially begins tomorrow, September 4th. So it's time for all the old timers and newly blossomed or blossoming talent to showcase all their work and inspirations for their Spring/Summer 2015 collections. It's madness. Quite lovely madness. Tomorrow night I'm hopping on a plane and flying all the way to New York City to catch and cover some shows for four days. I'll be running all over the city like a mad woman writing about the shows, taking pictures, meeting as many people as possible, and hopefully having time for some hot tea (my weakness) and a stroll in Central Park. :)
It's my first time and I hardly know what to expect, I can't beilve I'm actually going! I'll be seeing designers like Katie Gallagher, Sheena Trivedi, David Tlale and many others. I can't wait to be able to see everyone's vision come to life on the runaway! 
I hope to post coverage of, if not all, then most, of the shows I attend here on my blog. So keep your eyes peeled for my daily posts and show coverage! 
Tomorrow night I'm New York City bound, until next time style seekers...
Much love,

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