Saturday, September 6, 2014

Son Jung Wan S/S 2015: NYFW Show

Son Jung Wan's show today focused on the idea of dualism; it brought together rough edges and coarse fabrics like Hemp with more minimalist chiffon pieces in white and beige. 
There were of course, parts I liked and some parts I didn't. I liked the loose fits, once again blurring gender lines is always great, and I also liked the contrasting side of the collection. There were sequined peices like rompers and multi-colored jumpsuits as well as looks with iridescent details.
Much of the collection was unified by a gold stripe with colors in the red and blue families. 
Most of it is not what I would classify as "my style" some of it reminded me a little of gymnastics but I did really appreciate the risk.
However, I did like the pieces that were more minimalist and some of the iridescent looks were also definite standouts. 
Overall, it was a fun show. It was my first one at Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and to top it all off I actually saw Kelly Rutherford! 
Still more shows to come! Keep being style seekers!
Much love,

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