Saturday, September 6, 2014

Katie Gallagher S/S 2015: FANTASM Show

Katie Gallagher poses with her models
after the show.
Set at the Highline Hotel against the blurs of chandeliers and a gothic cathedralesque room, Katie Gallagher's new collection felt eerie. 

Her show was my first one for NYFW S/S 2015, and it was interesting to say the least. I got into the city around 11 and after a little sightseeing I got lost on the subway and then literally ran to her show at the Highline.
The show was in a long wide room where the floor was split down the middle by white candels serving as the runway (you can see it above). A soft beat with a gentle voice broke the chatter and the first model walked out. 
Most of it was clean cut and cold but often contrasted with chiffon either to make a flowing skirt or to mask a model's face. The collection was very monochromactic, starting with a series of black outfits; button downs, mid-length skirts, sheer shirts, then fading to white, and later nude. The transition to each shade was seamless and all the outfits had the similar thread of sheer, clean cuts, and chunky platform shoes. 
Although none of it was very wearable, a lot of it was sometimes just underwear, tights, and completely see through shirts but it was definitely interesting to watch and was very carefully constructed. 
Will be back with more shows soon, keep being style seekers!
Much love,

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