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Qs with Alexa Curtis

Today I'd like to do a post in honor of the lovely Ms. Alexa Curtis with a Q&A! Her fashion blog is"A Life in the Fashion Lane", which if you're not reading..what are you doing?
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She lives in New York City and Connecticut, she's is on the cutting edge of the fashion industry. She's super sweet, down to earth, and stylish!
So without further ado please virtually "meet" Alexa Curtis...

Q: For starters, what made you start your blog?
A: I started my blog coming from such a sheltered and small town, while being in public school and having no place where I fit in. I hoped that by starting my blog, I'd be able to reach out and connect with other young girls who were facing the same insecurities I was. 

Q:What was the biggest hurtle you had to overcome as a new and young fashion blogger? 

A: Getting taken seriously, especially because of my age. Regardless of whether I have more experience or not, a candidate who is 10+ years older than me and a college graduate will likely always get the job I apply, but that's something I have accepted, and instead focus on projects that suit my age so I'm not always competing with older people. 
Q: Any advice for new fashion bloggers like myself? 
A: In this day and age, starting a blog right now is going to be very difficult, since there are so many other bloggers out there trying to do the same thing. You have to find something that makes your blog worth reading, and something that makes you different from other bloggers out there. Once you find that, go with it, and push all that content out! 

Q: To you, why does fashion matter? 
A: Fashion was something I turned to when I had no one and nothing keeping me going, and that has been the motivation for every project I have worked on over the past few years. Fashion delves deeper than tall models and $2000 dresses- it can change and develop a person, if you allow it to benefit you in the right way. 

Q: How would you describe your personal style? Do you have a style role model? 

A: My personal style is definitely preppy mixed with a edgy vibe. I absolutely love Alexa Chung (as a person and her style!) so she constantly inspires me. 

Q: Is beauty really pain?

A: Depends on the situation! During New York Fashion Week, for sure. When I'm home, you'll catch me in sweatpants and my Converse every single day, so I guess it depends on how hard you are willing to try to look good...
Q: What is your essential accessory? 
A: My Rebecca Minkoff bag from probably 100 seasons ago. It's purple, totally worn out, and likely at the end of its life, but I adore it. 
Q: What are your other passions apart from fashion and writing about it?
A: I'm a huge foodie, so I love to cook and bake. I'm a huge workout fanatic too, so I'm definitely asking for a few SoulCycle classes for my birthday coming up (I know, so embarrassing). 

Q: What's your favorite new trend or style for Spring and Summer 2015? 
A: I'm digging the overall trend I'm seeing come back, especially leather overalls. Seriously SO cool. 

Q: What do you love most about your job? What do you hate? 
A: I love being a voice to give young girls a reason to be happy and love themselves, and especially show the public you don't have to be "rich" or popular to make it in any field, because I certainly wasn't. One of the downsides of my job is definitely working 24/7, but if you absolutely live and love what you do, it becomes worth it. I've definitely had to work with some not so nice people in the fashion industry too, so that's never a fun thing to deal with! 

Q: At one point in your career, you were working to be a model. I read your article Runway Model or Role Model and was thoroughly moved. What is your advice for young girls looking to model as a career? And, considering body image is such a central part of the media, what would you say to young girls who struggle with their appearance? 
A: Thank you! I continue to struggle with my appearance, even after stopping my modeling career, and it's something I'm realizing so many girls struggle with. My best advice is to give yourself credit for all the other positive things in your life (maybe you're a great runner, or a fantastic writer, head of student body etc..) and try and take the focus off your body as much as you can. It's not an easy or short process, but once you change your focus, learning to love your body will follow. 

Q: Lastly, what is your favorite thing that you did today? 

A: All I've done today was make breakfast and do school, so let's make it the latte I'm about to go treat myself to. ;) 

So why does fashion matter to you guys? Is beauty really pain? What's your essential fashion accessory? Let me know in the comments!
Thank you to Alexa for such amazing responses! 
Keep being style seekers!
Much love,

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