Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chasing Runways and Fleeing from Humidity

Yesterday was amazing!
I started out the day at my favorite waffle place, Waffles and Dinges at Herald Square, and indulged in a waffle topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Yum. I mentally died it was so good. 
After lounging and watching the streets I headed over to the cute little boutique Pinkyoto on 23rd and 5th and snagged a cute new ensemble.
   Blouse: Pinkyoto, Shorts: Pinkyoto        
   Bandeau: BP by Nordstrom, 
   Bag: Fossil, Shoes: Steve Madden 
   Sunglasses: BP by Nordstrom 
After checking my watch I realized I had to bolt down to Lincoln Center for the Son Jung Wan show which was amazing! Her clothes are so beautiful. We lingered for a little while being dorks and taking pictures by the NYFW sign inside. Next, we headed over to Central Park where I hastily changed into sneakers. We took a long walk, listened to some musicians and just relaxed. Central Park is always gorgeous but with the music filtering through the trees and the green exploding everywhere it was magical.
 It got even more gorgeous when it started raining and we had to huddle under a tree for 10 minutes to wait it out. 
When it finally stopped we made our way to Strand Bookstore, browsed and then went to Bergdorf Goodman's for my first time ever where I bought Chanel lipstick next to Donatella Versace. 

She was just casually browsing and I was just casually browsing and busying myself with the wide variety of Chanel eye liners (while casually glancing her way of course). 
Later, we headed to the Highline and then I sprinted back to Lincoln Center for the Academy of Art University's S/S 2015 presentation, which was awesome as well! When that ended I found myself running frantically (yet again) to hail a cab and get over to 44th to see Mama Mia. Mama Mia was feel good fun. It made me grin like an idiot, especially when they closed with 3 consecutive songs and literally had the audience jumping out of their seats to dance.The night closed with soupy humidity, rainfall, and hiding in a little alcove on the street eating hot pizza straight out of the box. Prime.
Can I just stay in NYC forever? 
More shows and stories to come! Keep being style seekers!
Much love,

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