Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sheena Trivedi S/S 2015: NYFW Show

Another, heritage inspired lines livens up Spring and Summer 2015! 
Sheena Trivdei's NYFW 2014 show, in the gorgeous Designer's Loft, featured a variety of looks pulling from her Indian heritage. While a lot of it was quite subtle, sometimes unable to be seen, it was felt in the use of bright color, prints and billowing fabrics as well as the bindis on all the girl's foreheads. That last bit was a nice touch I will say.
This collection was so lightweight, and to put it simply, pretty. I wanted to look at it. I wanted to wear it. 
    I mean come on, I'd die to put any one  
    of these gorgeous pieces on, take a 
    walk, go dancing, or just stand & stare    
    at it! Also that hat kills me. Can I have 

The color schemes were predictable but fun and totally perfect for days under the glaring sun and trees in full bloom.
A lot of the Indian culture's clothing centers around colors and patterns; this line focused on just that.
 Most of the pieces were those vibrant spring and summer time shades we're all so familiar with; orange, red, green, yellow, and blue. Often, these summery staples popped off white basics. Trivedi then incorporated print through a bold lighting stripe here or an interesting, geometric neck line there. The collection was youthful and often introduced fun details like feathers (as seen above), or draping fabric, into simple silhouettes.
     Classic looks with just the right
     amount of flare. Trivedi adds interest                
     with either a blue jacket or print on the  
     dresses' side.

The weather outside was warm and this collection was a nice, iced lemonade; classic, fresh and sweet. Can't wait to see more from Miss. Trivedi!  
Keep being style seekers!
Much love,

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